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Did you know 90 percent of online businesses fail in the first four months? (Scary, right?) The problem is, too many online business owners rely on guesswork and sheer luck instead of creating a solid plan. To succeed online, you need two things: consistent, targeted website traffic and content that converts. My premium SEO copywriting services give you both.

Hi, I'm Emily —

Since 2008, I’ve been providing premium SEO copywriting services to clients around the world. During that time, I’ve noticed one MAJOR problem with the copywriting industry.

The industry is filled with writers who write well but don’t understand SEO or conversion optimization.

This means, there are a lot of online business owners out there getting wonderfully written content that doesn’t get results.

See, the thing is, if no one finds your site, the quality of your content doesn’t matter AND the amount of traffic your site gets doesn’t matter if the traffic doesn’t convert.

That’s where I’m different.

My premium SEO copywriting services combine SEO, conversion copywriting, and subtle persuasion techniques to create well-written, engaging web content that’s easily tested and tweaked.

For you, this means no more guesswork.

With my SEO copywriting services you get more than words. You get results.

90 Percent of Online Businesses Fail in the First Four Months


The Word on the Streets, Yo…

“Emily is very professional and a talented copywriter. She is dependable and an invaluable team player. She is skilled in a variety of writing styles and project types.”

Sharon Fell

Spread Effect

“Emily is an extremely conscientious and creative writer who excels at seamlessly blending creativity and authority in her work. From product descriptions to email marketing, she creates copy that’s informative, intriguing, and effective. She’s also a talented editor and I’d work with her again in an instant!”

Alana Luna

Writ Personalities

“Emily a fantastic writer. She brings an upbeat attitude, exceptional skills, and creative energy to every project. If you’re looking for a content creator, blogger, internet marketing strategist, or anything else that involves the written word paired with the latest marketing practices, Emily is your writer.”

Kathy Mayse

Midwest Freelance

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